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Enhancing Connectivity in Kowloon East

We aimed at creating a pedestrian environment at Kowloon East (KE) that is “walkable”, “stayable” and “sittable” and easily accessible by vehicular traffic, in order to facilitate the transformation of KE into an attractive Central Business District.

Since the establishment of EKEO, we have established an inter-departmental traffic focus group with the Transport Department and the Highways Department. The focus group aims at examining and implementing short-term road improvement measures. It has already taken forward various improvement proposals in several aspects including widening of footpaths, modification of traffic signals, improvement of pedestrian crossing facilities, and removal of obstacles including traffic signs to pedestrians. We will further work on other improvement proposals to enhance walkability in the district.

To further advocate the concept on of “walkability” in Kowloon East, we have carried out comprehensive studies to enhance connectivity in the area. The studies on the Kowloon Bay Business Area and the Kwun Tong Business Area were completed in August 2016 and December 2017 respectively. The short to medium-term improvement proposals have been taken forward progressively in liaison with relevant government departments. Our long-term objective is to improve the walking environment by enhancing pedestrian connectivity, formulating traffic control measures, face-lifting back alleys for integration with the pedestrian network, enhancing streetscape and promoting greening.