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Green Building

  1. Energizing Kowloon East Office
  2. ZCB
  3. De Novo
  4. Kai Tak Fire Station
  5. Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building
  6. One Bay East
  7. Trade and Industry Tower
  8. Kowloon Bay Sewage Interception Station
  9. Goldin Financial Global Centre
  10. Kowloon City No. 1 Sewage Pumping Station
  11. Kowloon City No. 2 Sewage Pumping Station
  12. Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Headquarters Building
  13. Hong Kong Pacific Tower
  14. 8 Bay East
  15. Hong Kong Children's Hospital
  16. Kingston Financial Centre
  17. Kai Tak Nullah Desilting Compound No. 1
  18. Kai Tak Nullah Desilting Compound No. 2
  19. Mapletree Bay Point
  21. Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Sau Nan Primary School
  22. Kai Long Court
  23. S.K.H. Holy Cross Primary School
  24. The Quayside
  25. Industrial development at 46 Tsun Yip Street
  26. Industrial development at 43-45 Tsun Yip Street
  27. Commercial development at Cheung Yip Street and Wai Yip Street
  28. Cognitio College (Kowloon)
  29. King Tai Court
  30. Commercial development at 9 Luk Hop Street
  31. Industrial development at 21 Luk Hop Street

* The information of the Green Buildings was provided by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC). For more details, please visit HKGBC's website: http://www.hkgbc.org.hk/eng/BeamPlusDirectory.aspx This link will open in a new window