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Place Making Projects

Various public engagement activities including briefings, workshops and place-making forum were organized to collect stakeholders’ views when EKEO was first established in 2012. Collectively, the community and relevant professional institutes shared the same view that a vibrant waterfront would be one of the key elements of Energizing Kowloon East. The Fly the Flyover Operation aiming to utilize unused spaces beneath Kwun Tong Bypass for creative, arts and cultural uses was then proposed.

Fly the Flyover01 activities 

Fly the Flyover 01, the kick-off project of the Operation, was opened in January 2013.  This informal performance venue allows different parties to organize a wide variety of events and activities.  An open-style design is adopted for the venue to serve as a public space for people to relax and enjoy freely.  

The Operation now adopts a partnership approach between EKEO and a non-profit making organization, HKALPS Limited, selected through an open Invitation for Proposal, to manage and operate three sites under Kwun Tong Bypass.  The newly completed Fly the Flyover 02 and 03 provide various facilities including a gallery, outdoor open spaces, multi-purpose rooms, an open stage, urban farms, a restaurant, food kiosks and a pop-up store.  The Operation will bring more vibrancy and create new synergy with the attractive Kwun Tong waterfront.  HKALPS commenced operating the three sites in August 2017 and the tenure is for four years.

For more information and details of the venues and facilities, please contact HKALPS at:
Website: www.vessel.org.hk This link will open in a new window
Tel: 5919 7131
Email: venue@hkalps.org

For general enquiries, please contact EKEO at:
Tel: 3904 1337


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