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Tsun Yip Street Playground Phase 1

The transformation of Tsun Yip Street Playground Phase 1, from an ordinary sitting out area to an open-air industrial culture and art gallery surrounded by green space, is the first project showcasing how findings and recommendation of "The Spirit of Creation –Study of Industrial Culture of Kowloon East" can be integrated into the design of improving our public space . It accommodates the exhibits and art installation of "The Spirit of Creation", which is the essence of economic development in Hong Kong and tells the story of Hong Kong people with great perseverance, braveness and creativity spirit that will be inherited into the future.

By converting four industrial containers into rain shelters and exhibition pavilions, this project in Kwun Tong demonstrates the possibility of adaptive reuse and design for small public spaces. In response to the sequence of four exhibition programs: "introduction/retrospection/envisioning/prospecting", four spatial experiences of "passing through/meandering around/looking up/gazing into" are introduced to illustrate the "Spirit of Creation" of the Industrial Culture of Kowloon East.

Through four different modes of opening up the container's enclosure: "pushing/sliding/ rotating/lifting up", the design looks into different methods of operating display panels for enhancing the interaction between exhibition and audience, as well as exploring different types of transitional spaces between indoor and outdoor environments. The pavilion is designed for accommodating exhibition and leisure, community and culture, as well as public art and urban daily-life.

For the exhibition, the "Introduction and Retrospection" parts mainly use panels to showcase the industrial development of Kwun Tong and Kowloon Bay. Apart from giving the overview of development, the narrative of 'Beginning', 'Heyday', Transformation' and 'Prospect' is adopted to illustrate the evolution of industries. In addition to the explanatory panels, there are artworks created by renowned local visual artist. Some unique products manufactured in Hong Kong such as watches, plastic strainer, hot water kettle, etc. are the inspiration for the sculptures. These unique industrial products are being celebrated by being casted in the middle of clear resin allowing the public to see and appreciate them in the exhibition. A Kowloon East Discovery Map made of welded nuts and corten steel, detailed the amalgamation of materials and stories is also exhibited.

The "Envisioning" part is a vertical container featuring a large scale light installation entitled "The Light of Industry". Layers after layers of blinking neon lights in the shape of gear works seems as if the gear works are moving and turning, attracting the viewer to gaze upwards to the sky. This art work produces colors and lights to symbolize the vibrant industrial culture of East Kowloon. Envisioning drastic changes of this art work symbolizes the "Spirit of Creation" and yearns for a vibrant future.

The "Prospecting" part is an Audio and Visual Exhibition area where the audience can contemplate the prospect of the development of Kowloon East. The video installation titled 'The Voices of Kwun Tong' documenting the aspirations of a numbers of residents in Kwun Tong. Other than the video, the audience can also hear the sharing of the industrialists through ambience sound.

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