Taking account of the challenges, constraints and opportunities in KE, and the proposed smart city framework, we propose to conduct several PoC trials in KE during the Study period. Through the PoC trials, we aim to demonstrate how smart city solutions can enhance the well-being of the public and improve the area.
Demonstrating the Social Benefits of Smart City Development
Innovative ideas will be piloted in KE to demonstrate how smart city solutions can improve the quality of living and be conducive to the development of Hong Kong.


Understanding the Feasibility of Wider APPLICATION
We will examine the cost of scaling up the smart city solutions, including the installation cost and recurrent cost of operation and maintenance. Retrofitability will also be a key factor that will influence the success of the smart solutions and whether we can move forward with the technology.
PoC Trials
are selected after consolidating the opinions received during Stage 1 Public Engagement.

During this period, we have engaged the public and different sectors to understand their needs and expectations through different channels, and explored various smart city technologies.

In addition, the following criteria are also used to identify the PoC trials for KE:
Equipping KE to meet its challenges
Probable scale-up
Quick wins to demonstrate social and economic benefits
Innovative and conducive to sustainable development
PoC Trial1

To promote the “Smart City” initiative and the concept of “Walkable Kowloon East”, “My Kowloon East” (MyKE) mobile application has launched the personalized tour function to recommend a touring route of Points of Interest (PoIs) according to personal needs and preferences, in which the above PoIs were introduced using augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR). Users can leave their social media comments on the PoIs via this platform. In addition, the mobile app has included the “Easy Walking” function, to suggest sheltered paths, barrier-free paths and ”clean air” paths, according to users’ needs and preferences. In addition, we have collaborated with a major shopping centre in Kowloon East to install Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices as indoor and outdoor positioning functions to MyKE users.

The PoC trial was completed.

Consultant: ESRI China (HK) Limited


PoC Trial2

The system utilised surveillance cameras, sensors and video analytics technology to automatically detect crowd flow and number of vehicles, and identify abnormal conditions, in order to improve the efficiency of crowd management. This PoC was tested on the day of “Hong Kong Streetathon@Kowloon 2017”. With the use of equipment installed at key bottlenecks along the runway and public transport queuing points, it assisted the organiser and the Police in monitoring crowd flow, enabling swift actions and support when needed. On the day of the trial, we also disseminated the estimated waiting time of shuttle bus and ferry, as well as the queuing condition of other transport modes, through MyKE mobile app and the large signboards set up at the venue, such that the citizens can leave the event venue orderly and smoothly.

The PoC trial was completed.

Consultant: MotherApp Limited

PoC Trial3

Energy efficiency improvements and electricity consumption reduction are keys to combat climate change. We have invited households from Kai Ching Estate and Tak Long Estate to join this PoC trial. Through the installation of smart electricity sensors and the collection of households’ real-time electricity consumption data, participants could track their real-time energy consumption on Smart Energy @ KE mobile application and participate in a reward scheme for energy saving. This PoC trial aims to assist the participants in improving electricity consumption habits, raise public awareness of conserving energy and promote low-carbon living.

The PoC trial was completed.

Consultant: Hong Kong Telecommunication (HKT) Limited

PoC Trial4


Frequent roadside activity is one of the key causes of traffic congestion in Kowloon East. To alleviate this situation, the system uses the CCTV cameras installed on existing street lamp posts and video analytics techniques to monitor the usage and availability of kerbside loading and unloading bays in sections of How Ming Street and Hoi Bun Road. To encourage more efficient use of roadside spaces, the real-time occupancy status at the loading and unloading bays is released in via MyKE mobile app and

The PoC trial commenced in January 2018.

Consultant: Siemens Limited

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PoC Trial5



Some recyclables collection bins (RCBs) located at busy locations are often overfilled, affecting cityscape as well as demanding extra resources for monitoring. Fill-level sensors have been installed in 33 RCBs to detect the fill levels. By analyzing the data collected, the system can estimate the fill-up time and suggest an optimized collection route through artificial intelligence. This system aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the recyclables collection exercise.

The PoC trial commenced in July 2018.

Consultant: Innoverz Limited

PoC Trial6



Data collection and transmission are important to the operation and development of a smart city. The multi-purpose lamp post (MPLP) can provide the ideal locations to accommodate various sensors and can be equipped with various data transmission technologies. Seven MPLPs have been installed in Kowloon East. Their features vary depending on the locations and needs, including air quality and weather monitoring, pedestrian and vehicle flow analysis, real-time information dissemination, electric vehicle charging facilities, solar power facilities and Wi-Fi hotspots. These MPLPs also have the flexibility to accommodate additional IoT devices and different data transmission systems. The collected real-time data are now released on MyKE mobile app and

The PoC trial commenced in June 2018.

Contractor: Infa Systems Limited

PoC Trial7


 KE Smart City_diagrams_v3-11

This PoC trial aims to collect real-time road works information by mobile devices, and to disseminate the information through MyKE mobile app and, such that the public can better plan their routes ahead. During the trial, the location and extent of active road works in Kowloon East (namely the Kowloon Bay Business Area, Kwun Tong Business Area and Kai Tak Development Area) and San Po King Business Area by Drainage Services Department, Highways Department and Water Supplies Department at existing roads with speed limit below 70 km/h and footpaths are disseminated. Utility undertakings who are interested in participating in the trial are also welcomed to contact us via <>.

The PoC trial commenced in December 2018.

Consultant: Mappa Systems Limited

PoC Trial8


 KE Smart City_diagrams_v3-11

Traffic congestion is common in KE at peak hours where illegal parking can aggravate the traffic conditions. The system uses CCTV cameras installed on existing street lamp posts and video analytics techniques to help deter illegal parking. The Government’s long-term aim is to deploy technology to assist in the enforcement of traffic contraventions to alleviate traffic congestion. Trial sites include sections of Tsun Yip Street, Hung To Road and Sze Mei Street.

The PoC trial commenced in November 2018.

Contractor: Paul Y. (E&M) Contractors Ltd.

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