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Hong Kong Institutes of Planners Awards 2017 – Certificate of Merits
Project Team: Energizing Kowloon East Office
Other Contributors: Architectural Services Department and Drainage Services Department
Location: Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong

Hoi Bun Road used to be an ordinary road abutting on a public cargo working area dissecting the Kwun Tong waterfront.  It has turned into a charming green-blue gem and leisure hotspot for both locals and visitors.

The metamorphosis is geared by the steadfast efforts of planners in collaboration with other professionals and community counterparts under the Energizing Kowloon East (EKE) initiative.  “Energizing Hoi Bun Road” has been one of the key tasks under the EKE Conceptual Master Plan (CMP) since 2012 and guided by EKE’s CBD2 Strategy, viz. “Connectivity”, “Branding”, “Design” and “Diversity”.  Through iterative public engagement processes, dedicated planning and urban design inputs, and continuous enhancement works, a new face of Hoi Bun Road is in the making.

On planning and urban design, a place-making approach has been adopted to energize Hoi Bun Road and its vicinity.  Various grey infrastructures such as the dry weather flow interceptors, pumping station, and refuse collection point along Hoi Bun Road have been given a facelift with attractive urban design and landscape design, harmonising with the waterfront environment.  Pedestrian connectivity and the walking environment have been enhanced.  We have proactively undertaken public realm enhancement works such as dressing-up public facilities and providing more green spaces. 

The “Fly the Flyover Operation” forms an integral part of “Energizing Hoi Bun Road” which deserves particular mention.  We have initiated land use restructuring, turning sterile spaces beneath Kwun Tong Bypass into popular arts and cultural venues for public enjoyment to complement the attractive waterfront promenade.  The three venues under the flyover will add vibrancy by bringing in more diversified activities and events.

Looking ahead, we are planning to improve Hoi Bun Road Park and the nearby streetscape to further contribute to the new page of Kwun Tong waterfront.