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Home Ownership Scheme Development at Kai Tak

Rating: BEAM Plus V1.2 – Final Gold
Location: Muk On Street, Kai Tak
Type: Residential
Owner: Hong Kong Housing Authority

The Home Ownership Scheme Development at Kai Tak is located at the former North Apron of the Kai Tak Development.  The development has a site area of around 5,710m2, and comprises of three residential towers providing 683 residential units.  A two-storey retail block will be constructed along the Station Square to create a vibrant street environment.

The development is close to various open spaces with basic services to cope with the “Walkable Kowloon East” concept and to encourage low carbon living.  The future Kai Tak MTR Station is also located within walking distance to promote residents’ use of public transport system.

To enhance energy efficiency and human comfortability of the development, microclimate studies were conducted during planning and design stage.  Wind speed, natural ventilation, daylight and noise of the surrounding area were studied meticulously to shape and position the building blocks to fully utilize the best of the natural resources.

Other prominent green and sustainable features include:
-       To cater for the demand of persons with special needs, such as for those with impaired vision, two-level lighting controls are adopted in typical lift lobbies and corridors to enable users to increase lighting level when needed;
-       Multi-sensory maps are installed at strategic locations to assist visually impaired persons to access independently within the development;
-       Tinted glass is used to reduce heat gain to the interior habitable spaces;
-       Openable windows are provided in typical lift lobbies and corridors to improve air ventilation and indoor air quality of these areas;
-       Twin water tanks are introduced to provide an uninterrupted fresh and flush water supply to domestic flats during the maintenance or cleaning of the water tanks; and
-       Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulkhead lighting fittings are adopted to further reduce the electrical consumption.