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Kai Tak Runway Park Phase 1

Runway Park is located at the tip of the former Kai Tai Runway. It enjoys a world-class panoramic view of Victoria Harbour and distant features of the Lion Rock, Kowloon Peak and Lei Yue Mun.

With a nod to the aviation history of Hong Kong, part of the original Kai Tak Runway is retained and integrated into the planning of the Park. The Phase 1 project was completed and opened for public enjoyment in June 2014.

An overall organic approach is adopted where arbors are conceived as “fingers” growing out of the lawn towards the harbour at strategic locations of the Park, when these arbors when viewed from behind, one only sees vegetation against the water or sky, whereas the shades and seating in front provides a completely different feeling and this adds extra layer / dimension to the Park experience.

Along the waterfront promenade, feature planting is introduced to seal off the existing weather station visually. The canopy provides shading suitable for group activities, which in turn serves as a destination of the Park.

Grand lawn (over 1 ha) and seasonal flowers create local interest and character. Locally manufactured recycled glass paver and permeable paver are the predominant paving materials adopted.

The public lavatory ancillary block is formed primarily from container units, nevertheless visually camouflaged into the overall park green by adopting vertical and horizontal screens with climbing vines and shrubbery.

A variety of park features and activities will also be forthcoming in the future full development of the Park to dovetail with other adjoining facilities and infrastructure.

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Kai Tak Runway Park 1
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