Pilot Area for Innovations and Smart City Development

Kowloon East (KE) is Hong Kong's pilot area to explore the feasibility of developing a smart city. EKEO has been proactively engaging stakeholders including government departments, public utility companies, public transport operators, IT sectors, academic and research institutions to exchange ideas for seeking collaboration opportunities to push ahead with this policy initiative.

Smart City@KE Consultancy Study and proof of concept (PoC) trials

To investigate the feasibility of developing KE into a Smart City district in terms of constraints, opportunities and challenges, the Smart City@KE Consultancy Study was conducted and a number of proof of concept (PoC) trials were proposed under the Study. Subsequently, the proposed PoC trials were carried out.

My Kowloon East Mobile Application

My Kowloon East Mobile Application

We have launched a mobile app "My Kowloon East" (MyKE) which aims at promoting the smart city initiatives and the concept of "Walkable Kowloon East". The app contains the following major functions:


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Requirements for New Land Sale Sites in KE

Requirements for achieving BEAM Plus accreditation of Gold or above rating and a higher greening ratio as well as provision of smart water meter system and electric vehicle charging facilities have been stipulated for new land sale sites in KE. Supply of real-time parking vacancy information is also required at appropriate land sale sites. Developers may make reference to the "Requirements for Provision of Parking Information" published by the Government below. New government buildings in KE will generally comply with the same requirements.

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